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Sai Deli Liu Juncai: do a good job in group procurement and focus on service supremacy


  Huicong paint material network: changing market demand brings new opportunities and adjustments to the paint raw material enterprises. The adjustment of industrial structure brings more opportunities to the paint market, and promotes the survival and development of enterprises, and new challenges foreshadowed new opportunities. In the CHINACOAT2014 Chinese International Coating Exhibition, HC paint raw materials, paint and chemical HC HC network organized webcast, we invited the Beijing Saideli Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Liu Juncai, and we discussed the new development trend of paint industry topic.

  Beijing Saideli Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Liu Juncai

  In recent years, the coatings industry has been developing in the direction of diversification and high-end, and this trend has also brought more opportunities for the raw materials enterprises. How enterprises grasp this trend has become an important link. In this regard, the general manager of Beijing Saideli company Liu Juncai said: Saideli company is committed to the new paint products R & D and production automation equipment, in terms of raw materials also do research work, including anti graffiti, anti sticking and imitation granite etc.. At the same time, in view of the haze weather in China, sadli has made some new products of self cleaning products. In order to adapt to the market changes, we have also studied the thermal insulation coatings and energy saving and environmental protection. In terms of supporting equipment, we have done the intellectualization and automation of coating equipment, making it more simple and convenient to operate.

  "R & D Saideli has been committed to new product, so the company also established a joint of small and medium-sized enterprises of group purchasing a website's mission network, the purpose of this website is to let the small and medium-sized enterprises to combine group purchasing, makes the enterprise to reduce production costs. Because some small businesses purchase small quantities and high prices on raw materials, so we jointly purchase these enterprises. The purpose and purpose of the website is expected to reduce the production cost of enterprises, so as to enhance the market competitive advantage of enterprises. Liu Juncai said. In order to adapt to the changing demand of the downstream, the demand for the quality of the raw material is obviously improved. In order to ensure their position in the market, domestic raw materials enterprises must compete with foreign products.

  At the same time, in today's paint industry, how to focus on industry segmentation and accurate positioning of the market is of great significance for the development of enterprises. Saideli in terms of market segments, has done a lot of work, the upstream Saideli company mainly engaged in coating enterprises, for enterprises to provide more paint formula, advanced technology and equipment, combined with small and medium-sized enterprises of raw materials of the group purchase, in our website all raw materials including additives, dispersing agent, fillers and emulsion can one stop shopping, walking in the forefront in the industry segment. And Liu Juncai also spoke of his unique views on the differentiated competition between enterprises. In the different aspects of Saideli have their own advantages, the first point of our own research focus and paint formulation, 2009 Tiananmen gate is our painting, we are so good, why don't we do paint products? This is our go difference, why are we going to do this? As we walked the path of differentiation, because the coating product competition is very fierce, these are we on the difference of road performance."

  The company always Saideli service for the enterprise, for the sake of customers as the concept of purpose, which will be delivered to the concept of enterprise products and low-end customers, customers to cooperate with us. For example, help them to plan how some equipment or equipment is more advanced, more automated, and how to reduce the cost of raw materials. As long as the customer agree with our philosophy, customer is willing to cooperate with us, so in the country including nippon, focus and other enterprises willing to cooperate with us.

  The end of the interview, a long-term business planning, general manager of Beijing Saideli company Liu Juncai said: three new board Saideli company listed on the stock market has been three years, so we are planning the next step is to increase the future gem, a listed company in the paint industry, this is our long-term planning.