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  Beijing seidli technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise specializing in r&d, manufacturing and development of coating equipment, development, technology transfer and production sales. And can provide customers with the coating technology formula, raw materials, product packaging, marketing planning and equipment installation and other one-stop services, is the domestic production for coating production enterprises to provide the required a full set of elements and the whole process of the manufacturers.

  Riverside, always pay attention to independent innovation, is the industry leader in the research and development spending for years, and the products of the company's main technology are obtained in independent research and development way, with independent intellectual property rights. Company development and production of integrated coatings of complete sets of production equipment, change the traditional scattered, grinding process, using liquid measurement, high speed dispersion, circular grinding, vacuum, vacuum defoaming, semi-automatic filling, etc of a complete set of technological process, achieved from feeding to finish the procedure, has received 17 items of national patents, there are hundreds of sets of equipment are constantly running in China and all over the world. At present, the company can produce more than 30 kinds of high quality coatings, especially the tian 'anmen infrared wall paint for celebrating the 60th anniversary of National Day, which has already painted the tian 'anmen rostrum.

  Seidley has a deep market base and a large share of the high-end market. At present, the company has the rich customer firsta, including chengdu, Beijing, zhejiang, shandong hui jie, Shanghai light, Nippon (zhengzhou), Nippon (kunming), langfang Nippon, chongqing, shanxi gecko vertices of a number of well-known domestic enterprises, coating and foreign famous enterprises in a number of countries.

  Riverside, li always implement the "good for first, the supremacy of credibility" principle, adhere to the position and requirement from customers, with the deep understanding to the appropriate professional technology and a large number of engineering practice experience, to provide customers with professional consulting, planning, design, manufacture, installation, debugging, production technical support and a complete set of services such as raw material supply, to provide guidance in the whole process of the coating production, deep well received by the majority of customers trust and peer experts. The products of sandeli have the advantage of high cost performance. With the improvement of the technology level of the company and the enhancement of brand influence, there is still a great room for improvement in the future. We believe that through the continuous efforts and enterprising of all employees of Beijing seidli technology co., LTD., our company must be able to harness the beauty of the market economy to achieve a brilliant record.

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